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How to choose detox drinks for drug test

How to choose detox drinks for drug test

There are so many detox drinks for drug test on the market, but 99% of them are crap, they are usually just colored water with some artifical sweetener and added B2 vitamin. If you are looking for the best detox drinks for drug test then you are the right place. I have passed multiple drug tests with detox drinks.

What are the worst detox drinks for drug test

The worst what you can do is to purchase the first detox drinks what you find online. There are so  many different products, witch eye catching design and false promises. Do not just buy one randomly, the chances you burn yourself is huge!

Its not a complete list, but there a few detox drinks what I would never use to pass a drug test:

  • Rely Detox
  • Qcarbo
  • Stinger
  • High Voltage detox drink
  • Pure detox
  • Test Pure platinum

Like I said the list is long, its just a few, if you would like to read more reviews and these drug detox drinks then check out this great blog:


I have read every single article on that blog, and it was so useful.

Best detox drinks for drug test

My favourite drug detox drinks are Mega Clean and Rescue cleanse. If you are a heavy smoker with larger body mass then pick the bigger bottle. Both of these detox drinks are great quality and I have used the successfully to pass several urine drug tests. If you decide to buy Mega CLean, try to purchase it from trusted source. 

Detox drinks can go bad too, they expire etc..I would recommend buying it from testclear. Its recommended because they also give toxin Rid detox pills to enchane the effectiveness.

If you take detox pills then you will have to start the treatment (6 pills) 24 hours before the drug test. Drinks the entire content of the bottle 1-2hours before the test, refill it water twice and try to urinate once or twice before the test. It will coat your kidney and wont let toxins come out. It works for up to 5 hours. After 5 hours THC will be present in your urine again. Make sure you drink it 1-2 before the test.

Rescue cleanse is available on testnegative's website only, so you can't go wrong with them. I heard Absolute detox also work, but If I were you I would'nt experiment more than necessary.

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